North Peace Seniors Mouth-Eye-Foot Care Foundation

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This foundation was created to assist seniors by providing 

the necessary information and financial support (if needed)

to obtain vital services in the following health fields

Dental Care

Emergency dental services provided by a certified local dental service provider
Preventative dental services to educate seniors with healthy solutions
Dental work, such as upper or lower plate repairs, relining, repair of broken plates
as well as complete plate replacement as deemed by a qualified service provider

Visual Care

Emergency repairs of glasses. New or replacement glasses

Necessary tests required by the eye specialists that are not covered by 

the BC Health Plan and must be provided by an optometrist

Specific eye drops ordered by your eye specialists, that are not covered by Pharmacare

Foot Care

Special services required by diabetics include

athletes foot, blisters, heel spur, gout, ingrown toenails, toenail maintenance,

bunion removal, corn or calluses, toenail fungus, plantar facilities

as well as orthopedic and cirrhotic supports